DISC Personality Video Course

Not just another personality course... 

Let's be honest.

Most personality tests can only tell you certain things about yourself and your own quirky personality traits. However, THIS course uniquely and humorously exposes the core reasons for the conflicts in your life. And once you see it, you'll know how to transform your business, your marriage, and the personal relationships in your life.

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For many of you, this course has potential to impact you and your life in a significant way. But for some of you, simply purchasing this course is not enough.

If you learn best in a team atmosphere, with the opportunity to ask questions and verbally process the material you're internalizing, then our Advanced DISC Facilitation program is best for you.

Lead by GEC DISC Facilitation Expert James Rice, you will receive all of the exact same modules and information as listed above - PLUS you'll be personally guided through the course in a small group setting (3 or less). By joining our Facilitation Option at $199, you will walk through each module with greater depth, have the chance to ask questions in a live Q&A virtual setting, and receive the benefit of hearing how others are experiencing and applying the information you've just learned.

In short - your transformation can be clarified and solidified in a deeper, more meaningful way.

To participate in our DISC Facilitation Program, simply choose the $199 option when you click "buy now". We will automatically add you to a virtual small group program and personally contact you with all the details of how to begin.

4 Modules

PART I: Action and Relationships

Module One sets the stage for the entire course, providing a solid foundation for why YOU do what YOU do, and why OTHER people in your life do what THEY do! 

PART II: Management and Leadership

Yes – There’s a technical skill set when it comes to managing and leading, but what separates the good leaders from the truly great ones is knowing how to motivate each personality type in order to bring out the BEST within THEM.

PART III: Marketing and Sales

Our “secret sauce” if you will, can be found inside this Third Module. Even if you’re someone who’s studied DISC for years, you will leave this session with brand new applications for your business, your social media, and your ability to influence others, without being a slimy seller. 

PART IV: Conflict and Solutions

Conflict is inevitable – but resolving conflict? Well… That’s another story! And to be honest, if you’re a parent, a boss, a sibling, a spouse, or a community leader, you absolutely need to know the reasons WHY the conflict is occurring in the first place. 

Modules for this product 4
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